Not too long ago S-PROMOTION was known primarily as an organizer of some small music events in Germany.
These days the independent German company has become much more than that. S-PROMOTION have expanded their activities and the company has changed into a three-legged independent enterprise doing business as a record label/publishing company, a booking agency and a festival organizer. There's a reason for this kind of growth: after more than eight years of successful work in the music business,S-PROMOTION still remains
a labor of love. Since the lately Nineties company founder and owner G.S. has put out several quality CD recordings, like Kozmic Blueïs "nothing but magic". It's all music he feels close to and this attitude of dedication has turned the name of his company into an equivalent for competence and quality.

This seems to be a music company like they used to be, in fact - still independent and mainly focused on music and artists. "There's a lot of music around that just leaves me cold", G.S. remarks when asked about his approach to running a record label, "but then there's other music that I love and I have repeatedly found myself putting it out."
This so called "madness" is the S-Promotion method in opposition to other companies ordinary profit-seeking. In all its business activities S-PROMOTION remains to be dedicated to the principles of quality and excellence. This applies to every musical, technical and artwork aspect of the CD releases as well as the way the company puts on tours and festivals. Last but not at all least it also applies to the level of competence and integrity both in a human relations and a business sense. This personal integrity has been essential in turning
S-PROMOTION into a quality brand name for a successful independent roots music company.


name: s-promotion
e-mail: info@s-promotion.com
fon: +49 (0) 221 384812


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